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Monkey Queen

TitleMonkey Queen
MediumScreen print on paper
Dimensions34.5 × 49.2
Edition150 – Signed
Date Created2003
Signature Typesigned
Pest Control CertificateProvided
FramingNot Framed
Original Image
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Banksy’s Monkey Queen is a controversial early urban art screen print that was created in 2003 with an edition of 750 works, 150 of which were signed. It was first publicly displayed at the Chill Out Zone, a London club, and made headlines when the government asked that the picture be removed from the front window during the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (the a celebration for the 50th anniversary of her coronation).

“The highest position in British society is not a reward for talent or hard work, but is simply handed out with the accident of birth… God Save The Queen.” – Banksy

Monkey Queen superimposes Banksy’s trademark monkey face stencil onto a stencil of one of Queen Elizabeth II’s most famous bust images. The black-and-white stencil appears on a background of a red circle, white ring, and blue backdrop (resembling either a halo or a target) in the colors of the British flag.

Banksy’s satirical image suggests that the British government is led by people who are less than fit to make decisions on behalf of their countrymen.

If you would like to sell your Banksy art, Monkey Queen is an early, highly provocative, and humorous image that is desirable for a great number of Banksy collectors. If you would like to buy Banksy’s Monkey Queen, it is a statement piece for the right collector, and the signed works are especially wall-worthy. Hexagon Gallery is the leader for Banksy art sales in the United States. To sell or buy Banksy art, please contact